It's usually easy to spot a Jeep Cherokee on the road in Killam, AB because of exterior features. However, there are a few interior features that set the SUV apart as well. Only the highest quality materials are used inside the Cherokee so that you feel like you're driving a luxury vehicle and so that you're comfortable while driving.

There is enough space inside for five passengers. Whether you're in the front or back of the Cherokee, you're going to have plenty of legroom and space above your head. Latches are available for securing child seats so that your children are safe.

While at Campbell-McLennan Chrysler, you can talk about some of the additional features that are available including a sunroof and push-button start. Android Auto is available in the Cherokee as well as a rearview camera and Apple CarPlay. Several USB ports can be found inside the Cherokee to keep your devices charged while you're on the road.

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