Minivans offer an enjoyable and appealing way to tote gear and passengers. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is an enticing minivan hybrid that offers the convenience of having both a power charged ride and a gas-powered engine, rather than just a gas-powered set of wheels.

The versatility of driving a minivan that can operate as either an electrically charged or gas-powered vehicle is amazing. With a 32-mile electric driving range and a 520-mile total driving range, this spacious and affordable vehicle can handle quite a span of driving destinations. This hybrid minivan also offers a two-hour charge time, and the capability to capture and transfer energy from brake usage as an extra charging source for the battery.

Come visit us at Campbell-Mclennan Chrysler to test drive the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Our team in Killam is excited to further discuss the fuel efficiency of this choice, as well as all safety features and incentives. See this hybrid minivan in person and find out more about what makes it such a fetching option.


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