The Added Technology on the Dodge Charger Will Really Excite Your Senses

Technology really does make the world go around. You will get to see that when you explore the features that have been added to the Dodge Charger. Each of these has been designed with the driving experience in mind, so you will really grow to appreciate the difference that each one brings.

To begin, the adaptive cruise control makes it even easier to coast down the highway. If traffic begins to build up slightly, the throttle and brakes will kick in when needed. This eliminates the need for you to constantly make the adjustments yourself. It is a way to…

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Dodge Challenger: Power, Performance & Practicality

Dodge’s iconic Challenger, 2-door, all-wheel drive muscle car, combines raw power and acceleration with a plush cabin, packed with premium amenities and state-of-the-art tech. Gone are the days of the Challenger being known solely as a specialty street racer. Prospective Killam car buyers in the market for a muscle car, or performance sedan, will appreciate the Challenger’s ample 93.9 cubic-ft of interior passenger space, as well as its cavernous 16.2 cubic-ft of trunk room.

The Dodge Challenger has been synonymous with the HEMI line of powertrains since its inception in 1970.
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