Jeep Wrangler Axles: Which is Best For You?

Jeep Wrangler Axles: Which is Best For You?

Ensuring a Smooth Ride

When it comes to your Jeep Wrangler, a breaking point that often goes ignored for too long is the front axle assembly. Whether it be a clanking noise or leaking grease, the front axle is critical to ensuring your riding experience goes as planned. Here at Campbel McLennan, we can help. Your preferred Dodge, Ram and Jeep dealership in Killam, Alberta, we can assist in deciding which front axle to go with and install it for you. We serve the surrounding areas of Edmonton, Camrose, Wetaskiwin and WainWright areas, so come on in and see how we can assist with your Jeep Wrangler axles.

Signs Your Front End Axle Needs To Be Updated

When upgrading your Jeep Wrangler for the perfect off-roading experience or looking for better performance, updating your front end axle often is last on the list of parts to upgrade. The following is a list of indications your axle needs to be corrected:

Bad Vehicle Vibrations - Often a problem when driving over challenging terrain.
Clanking Noise - Often the case when trying to put your Jeep into gear.
Grease is Leaking - Could indicate your Jeep Wrangler axles need to be replaced.
Struggling to Move - If your Jeep seems to be struggling to move even when put into gear, it could mean your front end axle needs to be updated.

Parts You Will Need To Update Your Front End

The following is a list of options when considering which parts to go under your front end.


Dynatrac was founded in California. They offer the following parts:

  • ProRock 44 - Great option to increase ground clearance for off-road applications.
  • ProRock 44 Unlimited - Providing the same benefits as the ProRock 44, the Unlimited improves the caster's alignment.
  • ProRock XD60 - Created for larger tires and more potent engines. Great for riders who want to put their Jeep Wrangler to the test.

Currie Enterprises

Operating since the 1960s, Currie Enterprises offers excellent options for a more muscular axle assembly. These parts include:

  • RockJock 44 - Great for Jeep owners who need a strong assembly on a budget.
  • RockJock III 60 - It provides outstanding performance over rocky terrain.
  • RockJock VXR 60 - An excellent entry-point for large tires and heavy throttle use.
  • RockJock 70 - The most expensive option and heaviest, but it provides incredible ground clearance and pinion setup.

Buying & Installing Aftermarket Parts at The Dealership

Upgrading your Jeep's front axle can be quite expensive if trying to do it on your own. That's why we recommended checking out our Service Department here at Campbell McLennan. Whether it be new Jeep inventory or aftermarket parts sold from our Parts Department, we can help install the right choice.

Contact Us For More Information

So instead of trying to convince yourself that rocking noise in your Jeep Wrangler is just your imagination, contact us here at Campbell McLennan. We can help in deciding which axle is best for you.

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