The Best Time To Put On Winter Tires In Killam, Alberta

When Should You Put on Winter Tires and Take Them Off?

Winter tires are essential parts of driving during the winter. Winter tires can provide your vehicle with excellent traction under slippery, wet or icy conditions. The materials and designs of winter tires allow them to perform well under rough weather conditions. The weather is an excellent indicator for when you should put winter tires on your vehicle. When the temperature drops to below seven degrees Celsius, you should begin switching to a dependable set of winter tires. Putting them on earlier than later is better when deciding on changing your winter tires, so you do not want to risk driving under cold, wet, icy weather conditions with tires that cannot perform well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Provinces Have Mandatory Winter Tires?

Two provinces in Canada have laws that make winter tires mandatory, Quebec and British Columbia. Some fines are given to drivers in both provinces if winter tires aren't installed on their vehicles by the appropriate dates. British Columbia, however, only has specific areas designated for use with winter tires. In contrast, drivers in Quebec must have winter tires on their vehicles anywhere in the province from December 1 to March 15.

Are All-Season Tires Good for Winter?

All-season tires are not suitable for winter. Under mild cold weather conditions, all-season tires may work well. However, all-season tires will not provide the necessary traction for travelling through snow and ice under extreme winter weather conditions. All-season tires perform best during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

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